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E-catalog services:

We publish e-catalogs for all industries, spread them efficiently with the help of massive users information and apps.

E-catalog service fee:US $599.00/Book/YearPurchase Contract

Service Description Remark
Make e-catalog and upload to us site, enable visitors to read online Enable customers to read catalog with a click rather than receiving and downloading attachments. You should provide file of PDF pages or JPG pictures with no added bleed, all fonts embedded and good to high resolution.
Provide e-catalog domain Propagate the domain in email, message. E.g. 
Display e-catalog on company official site Display the e-catalog directly on company official site without occupying any resource of your server, greatly promote company's image. We provide the e-catalog code.
E-catalog download Compare with PDF, PPT, its offline reading experience should be superior. The downloaded file is .exe format, open directly.
PC, ipad, iphone, android client software Display on mobile device, convenient and flexible, popular with the 80,90 generation, make your company outstanding in the fierce competition.  
Upgrade catalog for free Upgrade your company and product information whenever you want. Company provide the upgraded picture file.
E-catalog encryption Encrypt your e-catalog, customers will be guided to contact you.  

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